Apparently Jeff Monson and Pat Miletich had a twitter war about politics, my opinions don’t matter so don’t ask.  I just thought I’d present to you guys and see what you had to say…

JEFF MONSON: The US claims to be land of freedom and democracy yet is set to veto Palestinian bid in UN to become sovereign country to appease Israel.

PAT MILETICH: Palestinians elected a terrorist org (Hamas) to run it’s affairs and you’re siding with them over Israel? Pathetic.

JEFF MONSON: It’s the Palestinian Authority going to UN to seek recognition as a state, Pat, not the Hamas. Same process Israel used in 1948.

PAT MILETICH: PA, PLO, Hamas. All under the same umbrella and dedicated 2 the destruction of Israel. You have sided with the terrorists, bud.

JEFF MONSON: Recent poll showed overwhelming majority of Israeli’s want peace with Palestinians. As always it is government perpetrating violence.

PAT MILETICH: Everyone wants peace, Jeff. How do terrorists orgs make money, Jeff? Answer is simple. By continued terrorist acts.

JEFF MONSON: How can you not consider the US a terror organization? Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. We’ve started civil wars, overthrown elected leaders, trained and funded terrorists, and presently occupy 2 countries and all in the name of money. Just cause we have tanks & not resorting to road side bombs doesn’t mean it’s not terrorism.

PAT MILETICH: No country is perfect, but ours is the best there is 2 offer. Your anti-American mentality is what our enemies like. Join ‘em.

So have the Jews, bud. You support people who hack heads off with steak knives and I support the home team. Stand where you are.

How’s your gas prices compared to the rest of the world? Most civil wars were gonna happen anyways, but good guys needed guns.

JEFF MONSON: Supporting the right for the Palestinians to be recognize is in no way supporting terrorist organizations. If you wanna learn about terror organizations read “The people’s history of the United States” by Howard Zinn. Our government is responsible for more oppresion, global poverty, and deaths than any other ‘terror’ organization could ever hope to accomplish.

PAT MILETICH: So, you’re blaming the world’s poverty on the U.S.A? You’re a joke, dude.

JEFF MONSON: To summarize, I don’t support terror organizations. You obviously support the biggest one in history with naive patriotism.

PAT MILETICH: Listen, asshole. If you don’t like your country, take a hike. Simple, bud.

You rattle on about USA being evil yet you enjoy the fight money and sponsorship our capitalism provides. Walking contradiction.

JEFF MONSON: Don’t you read any more? US corporations and banks, the IMF, and the World Bank run economies, impoverish countries, and dictate government policy. Maybe when Uncle Sam is done fucking the Palestinians at the UN he can come over to your place so you can suck his dick.

PAT MILETICH: You’re dead to me.

(Josh Barnett just popped big for his catch phrase.)

JEFF MONSON: I’m a wage slave like everyone else, just trying to do my part to change the system.

PAT MILETICH: Change the system? Why, so upstart fighters make the same wage as a pay per view vet like you? You’re a clown!

JEFF MONSON: That’s an expected response for someone that doesn’t have facts 2 what they say. Let’s catch up after you take a history class.

PAT MILETICH: I can’t figure out if you support socialism, communism, or anarchy. Honestly, I don’t think you know.

JEFF MONSON: This is what happens when you get into a debate between someone who reads and has a master’s degree in psychology & political science and… the other is a very good MMA trainer.


Afterwards, a troll on Twitter says to Pat, “Pat’s so short, Jeff can actually kick him to the head.” To which Pat responds, “You kidding? If Monson was an inch taller, he’d be round.”

And, now, Pat’s thoughts on Jeff…

Yeah, the truth? The truth comes from spray painting the capital w/ anarcy logo’s. Monson = fruitcake = TRUTH.

Listen, JM is pleading the cause of the terrorist org’s and our enemies. In the countries he supports he’d be hanged.

War sucks, but not fighting back sucks even worse. Ask the French. Hey, there’s a good place for Jeff.

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  1. Coachfdogg September 24, 2011 at 3:25 am #

    IDK where this sits with everybody, but I totally agree with Monson.

  2. NoMstn September 24, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    they should just keep punching each other in the head. no one cares about their thoughts on anything other than fight strategy.

  3. Ben September 25, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    I didn’t see the twitter war, but I totally responded on Twitter to the affirmative to Monson.

    I don’t think personal politics comes into it, and I don’t really feel like arguing about it, but the Palestinian people are being oppressed and that’s not right. Nobody deserves to live like that.

  4. Ricky Nezhoda September 27, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    Its so stupid and uneducated when people say just leave the country if you dont like it… If you are still stuck on Amercia is the best country in the world and all we do is right you’re an idiot Mr Miletich..I don’t agree with anarchy but what Monson brings up is exactly what is wrong with politics.. We all just ignore this stuff as long as we have our Starbucks,Directv, and OFCOURSE MMABADASS.COM..

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